The Magic of 30 grams of Protein

30 grams of protein

Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

Millions of readers of national fitness magazines including Shape, Women's Health, Fitness. Woman's Day, Family Circle, Runner's World, (and many others) have made their exercise programs both more effective AND more efficient with fitness and nutrition advice from "America's Baby Boomer Expert," Stephen Holt.

As a diligent, loyal reader 😉, you may be thinking

“The 30 grams of protein thing again??”

Yes. It’s that important.

Why 30 Grams of Protein?

Eating at least 30 grams of protein (about 4 oz of chicken, for example) triggers the muscle rebuilding that keeps you “toned” and helps you recover from your workouts.

Part of the “skinny-fat” syndrome that strikes post- and perimenopausal women comes from the loss of muscle.

Of course I understand your goal isn’t to get “bulky.”

But your goal should be to get back the muscle you’ve probably lost over the last 10-20 years.

We do that with effective weight training (cute pastel dumbbells and skimpy rubber bands won’t do) and sufficient protein.

And current research shows people around our age may need as much as 50% more protein than we did when we were younger.

So get your 30 grams of protein at each meal. (Yes, that includes breakfast!) If you need some guidance,  let me know.
– Stephen

[Geek out: Protein pulse feeding improves protein retention in elderly women. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 1999]


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