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Discover how my 3-4-5 System has helped hundreds of women just like you

Timonium personal training client Liz

Liz Keehner

Ever since I’ve started with Stephen’s personal training system, I haven’t been suffering with the constant neck and back pain I’d had for years.

I believe it’s absolutely due to the fact that Stephen understands my problems and modifies my workout to strengthen the areas I need to keep strong to avoid pain.

Timonium personal training client Kathy

Kathy Jones

It’s hard to describe what a difference Stephen’s 3-4-5 System for personal training has made in my overall well- being.

I’m now stronger, leaner and have decreased my body fat from 23% to 12%. I have more energy and now look forward to my workouts.

Stephen’s 3-4-5 Total Body Strength Training System has been the only workout that’s changed my body.

Timonium personal training client Debbie

Debbie Thacker

I’d been a MAC [now ACAC] member for eight years, and I have tried different classes, different personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. and for the 1st time I have truly seen a difference in my body.

Stephen’s system has made a tremendous difference in my body – particularly in the strength I’ve gained and the inches I’ve lost. I’ve recommended Stephen’s system to everyone I know.

Timonium personal training client Amy

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I Get It …

You’re busy.

Too busy to exercise. (Or at least that’s what you tell yourself.)

And you’re confused. There’s just so much fitness information and so many other gyms in Timonium claiming they have the best personal training to help you in your wellness journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

You know you need a personalized exercise program to help you with your post-rehab or weight loss goal, but you don’t know how to get the best results by yourself.

But what if …

You could get an effective AND efficient exercise program from a recognized personal training expert in the fitness business, in a friendly atmosphere where you feel comfortable?

Not just some expert …

“One of America’s
Greatest Trainers”

– Men’s Fitness

“One of 100 Most Influential
Personal Trainers of All Time”

– KickBackLife.com


I’m Stephen Holt

and I’d love to help you reach your fitness goals and be your guide to better health!

You’ve already seen my training programs and fitness advice in many of the magazines at your favorite newsstands.

I hope you’ll indulge me for just a sec so you can get to know me and let me assure you I’m qualified to help you reach your personal goals, stay motivated, and achieve a healthy lifestyle with the best personal training gym in town.

Great – thanks :-)

While others may be calling themselves “the best personal trainer in Timonium, MD 21093” or “the best training team in the area,” I’ve been cited by the top personal training organizations as one of the top personal trainers ANYWHERE …

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) once named me “Personal Trainer of the Year” and I’ve been a finalist for “Personal Trainer of the Year” 11 times with 5 different international organizations. (ACE, NSCA, PFP Magazine, LifeFitness and PT on the Net to be specific.)

I was even named “Expert of the Year” by AllExperts.com back when they were the largest advice site on the Internet.

I’ve spoken at national personal training conventions covering “Advanced Program Design: How to Write the Best Workout Program,” “Fitness for Women Over 40,” and “Advanced Core Training.”

I even served on the elite personal training team that wrote the Personal Trainer National Board Exam.

[Local side note: I was Education Director of the MAC (now ACAC – oops, now Coppermine) in Timonium, MD 21093 where I was in charge of educating their personal training team.]

Most important –

My mission as the founder and owner of 29 Again Custom Fitness in Lutherville-Timonium, MD, is to help women over 45 understand that fitness should be a vital part of their lifestyle and can fit into anyone’s schedule regardless of perceived limitations (like time and injuries).

My clients don’t come to the gym to compete with each other. We improve our fitness together, not by striving to reach the top of some leaderboard.

Bottom line …

In my 35+ years as a personal trainer and over 50,000 training sessions, I’ve helped (literally) hundreds of women just like you. I’m pretty darn sure I can help you, too.

And that’s why you can be absolutely confident I can help you reach your fitness goals even though you’ve tried everything else and nothing seemed to work.

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How We’re Different

No Cookie Cutter Workouts

Unlike with bootcamps or generic group fitness classes, your workout program is designed specifically for you – your personal goals, your fitness goals, your background, your schedule.

Flexible Scheduling

Need to cancel or reschedule at the last minute? No problem – and no tricky cancellation fees either. We’ll simply work out another time that fits your schedule better.

No Intimidation

Intimidated by big box clubs, “boxes,” or even exercise classes where everyone’s hyper-competitive? Relax. We’re a cozy club with a family feel. We all improve our fitness together, and we support each other to help you stay motivated.

And You’ll Love Our Unique, Flexible Scheduling

We live up to our tagline, Fitness that Fits You.

With most Timonium personal trainers or even with a semi-private training program, you’re expected to be there at a certain time, say, 8:00 for example. But suppose your son forgot his report and you have to run to his school before English class starts.


Your dog just threw up all over your workout shoes.


Your most dramatic and neediest friend is having yet another crisis and just won’t get off the phone.

Has any of this ever happened to you right before your scheduled personal training session?

Of course it has.

Or suppose you wake up and you’re feeling just a little “off” and low on energy that day.

None of these scenarios would ever be a problem with us because you never have to worry about being “on time.”

We’ll be expecting you within a certain time frame (say, a 90-minute window before we start arranging a search party), but you never need to stress.
We’re ready when you are.

Even if “life happens” and you lose control of your scheduled workout day, you can simply come another day (as long as you stick to the terms of your membership agreement with us – sorry, our attorney makes us say that).

I always resisted the standard 24-hour cancellation policy in personal training. Sure, it’s fair to busy personal trainers like me [if you canceled late, I lost money I could never get back], but it basically forced under-the-weather or just plain frazzled clients to cancel early and suffer through training sessions when they really didn’t want to.

At 29again, you schedule by the week yet pay by the month. If you’re scheduled for 2 sessions a week, for example, there’ll be months where you get 9 or even 10 sessions for the price of 8.

You have to agree – that’s a great value, right?

In fact …

Let me prove to you we’re the best value
in personal training in the Lutherville Timonium MD area …

29 Again Fitness is the first personal training club to combine functional training exercises (like you’ve seen in CrossFit™ and on NBC’s The Biggest Loser) with Vector (cable-based) Training, using our proprietary “3-4-5 Total Body Fitness System” you’ve read about in national women’s fitness magazines including Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health and even mainstream magazines like Woman’s Day and Family Circle.

We don’t show off or compete with each other. We improve our fitness together.

It’s easy to get started. Come give us a try!