More about Stephen Holt

"America's Baby Boomer Fitness Expert"

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Stephen Holt

  • Named “One of America’s Greatest Trainers” by the editors of Men’s Fitness

  • Named “One of the Most Influential Trainers of All Time” by the fitness marketing site,

  • Named by the editors of IDEA Personal Trainer Magazine as one of the industry’s most successful trainers

  • 2003 American Council on Exercise (ACE) “Personal Trainer of the Year

  • 1999 “Expert of the Year

  • Expert Fellow, National Board of Fitness Examiners (creators of the National Personal Trainer Board Exam)

  • (former) Board Member, International Youth Conditioning Association

  • 3-time NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (top-three)

  • Personal Trainer of the Year Runner-Up

  • 8-time IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award Nominee

  • Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness

  • Two-term NSCA State Director

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