How “Protein Leverage” Can Help You Prevent Menopausal Weight Gain

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Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

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Here’s a powerful takeaway from a book I just read that you can use starting today …

From Eat Like The Animals: What Nature Teaches Us About the Science of Healthy Eating by David Raubenheimer:

Protein Leverage is the author’s hypothesis that humans (and several other species they tested) have a specific amount of protein we need to get each day.

You tend to eat enough to reach that specific amount of protein – regardless of the total number of calories it took you to get there.

His studies showed that lean subjects tended to eat until they got about 15% of their “habitual daily calories” from protein.

For example, if someone was typically satisfied eating a conveniently round 2000 calories a day, they’d eat about 300 calories (75 grams) of protein.

If, however, they fell short of that 75 grams of protein for a day or two, they would eat in excess of their usual 2000 calories until they made up for that protein deficit.

And, therefore, gain weight.

What this means for you:
Prioritize protein in your meals. Make sure you’re getting at least 15% of your daily calories from protein.

Let me know how this works out for you.


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