Why Women Over 45 Should ADD Muscle


Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

Millions of readers of national fitness magazines including Shape, Women's Health, Fitness. Woman's Day, Family Circle, Runner's World, (and many others) have made their exercise programs both more effective AND more efficient with fitness and nutrition advice from "America's Baby Boomer Expert," Stephen Holt.

Boosting Your Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down, which can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

However, building muscle can help counteract this process and support a healthy metabolism.

Here’s how it works:

Muscles require more energy to maintain than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn, even when you’re at rest. This can help you maintain or lose weight, which is crucial for your overall health.

Preventing Injuries

Maintaining muscle tone is also important for reducing the risk of injuries, especially as we age. Strong muscles provide support for your joints, bones, and ligaments, helping to prevent falls and accidents. They also make everyday activities like carrying groceries or climbing stairs easier and safer.

Improving Balance and Stability

Another benefit of maintaining muscle tone is improved balance and stability. As we get older, our balance can become less reliable, which increases the risk of falls. Strength training can help improve balance and stability by strengthening the muscles around your core and lower body. This will not only help you stay independent but also enhance your overall quality of life.

Boosting Confidence

Maintaining muscle tone can give you a wonderful boost in confidence and self-esteem. Seeing and feeling the results of your hard work can be incredibly empowering for your physical health. Feeling physically strong and capable will also have a positive impact on your daily life, both personally and professionally.

Achieving and Maintaining Muscle Tone

Now, let’s talk about how you can achieve and maintain muscle tone as a woman over 45 with achy joints. Start by incorporating strength training exercises into your weekly fitness routine. You don’t have to become a gym fanatic or lift heavy weights. Activities like weightlifting can work wonders for you.

Aim for two to three strength training sessions per week, focusing on all major muscle groups. Also, make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet. Protein supports muscle growth and maintenance.

Building and maintaining muscle tone is essential for women over 45. It helps boost your metabolism, prevents injuries, improves balance and stability, and boosts your confidence.

By incorporating strength training exercises and ensuring an adequate protein intake, you’ll be on your way to achieving and maintaining a healthy muscle tone. Remember, it’s never too late to prioritize your physical health, and building and maintaining muscle is a crucial part of that journey.


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