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air fryer veggies

Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

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Okay, okay …
It’s not really all that new.

And it’s kinda big to call a “gadget.”

And it’s not really mine. (I bought it for my wife who had been curious about it, but wasn’t fully convinced.)

But it really is my favorite.

I use it every single day and it’s changed the way both my teenage daughter and I eat for the better.

It’s the Air Fryer.

I picked up the “Power AirFryer Oven” at Sam’s Club for about $130 a couple of months ago and have used it virtually every day since. [Also available on Amazon, of course]

My teenager loves Air Fryer veggies so much she comes home from school “craving broccoli.” [That’s a quote!]

We buy 8-10 bags of the Cleaned-and-Cut Vegetable Medley at Wegman’s every week. Each bag has about 4 cups of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

So one bag gives you 4 of your “Strive for Five” servings (or about half of your Stephen-Preferred 8+ servings) of veggies a day.

Prep is quick and simple with a little olive oil spray.

I prefer 400 degrees for 10 min while my daughter prefers a crispier 12 min.

Either way, when you’re done you just pop the wire rack in the dishwasher. Easy.

When it comes to helping clients change habits, we coaches see four common obstacles:
– Time
– Money
– Physical effort
– Mental effort

The air fryer/Cleaned-and-Cut veggies combo all but eliminates “the big four” and makes it easy for you to eat healthier. I can’t recommend it more highly!


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