Frequently Asked Questions about 29 Again gym in Timonium

What can I expect during my first visit to 29 Again Custom Fitness?

First, our attorneys insist you start with some quick legal CYA mumbo-jumbo. :-)

At most gyms, you’d jump right into exercising. But not here …

We move on to your Right Start Body Blueprint: We discuss your medical history, exercise history and personal goals, then guide you through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Musculo-Skeletal Assessment (MSA).

Finally, we’ll take a few pictures of you for postural analysis. Then we combine all that data to determine exactly what exercises we need to start you with and how we’ll progress through your membership.

Is this 'personal training'?
Well, yes. And no. “Yes,” in that your initial consultation includes your medical history, exercise history and personal goals assessment, FMS and MSA. That’s the “Custom” in Custom Training. And, “no,” this is not traditional one-on-one most people associate with personal training. We follow the physical therapy-style model in which our clients do their individualized exercise programs concurrently. Although we love our clients to interact since social reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the single most important factor in successful fitness and weight loss programs, you’re certainly free to interact with other members as much as or as little as you want. We coach you through each and every exercise. You’ll never feel lost, frustrated or confused, but you certainly don’t need a trainer in your face to count reps for you. Research shows virtually everyone gets better results in a small group setting. On the business side, this model also keeps our marginal costs lower, so you get to pay much less than you would for one-on-one training. So you’re getting better results for a lower cost. That’s a great deal, right?
How much is a 'package'?
In order for you to get the most out of your exercise program, we commit to you and you commit to us for either a 3-month or 12-month membership. In my 30+ years in the industry, I’ve found that committing to at least 3-months leads to longer lasting results. Your membership fee depends upon the number of times you agree to come in per week and whether you go with 3-months or 12.
So is this a membership club like MAC, Brick Bodies, Merritt, Athletic Club, etc.?
Again, yes and no. Yes, you’ll agree to a set fee conveniently and automatically deducted from your account approximately the same date each month. And, no, since we offer Custom Training and not an “open membership,” you can’t just show up whenever you get the urge to exercise. If you have a Double Gold Membership, for example, you’ll come in twice a week at a scheduled time for your Custom Training.
What membership plan is best for me?
Once we discuss your goals, we’ll go over the results of your FMS and MSA and figure out a plan that works along with your goals and your availability. For example, if you want to lose a lot of weight and you’re fairly new to exercise, you’ll probably need a Triple Platinum Membership (3x/week for 12 months) to help reverse all the years of bad habits. If, however, you have shoulder aches (for example) although you’ve been released from physical therapy, you may simply need a Gold Membership (1x/week for 3 months) for thorough post-rehab and to ensure you learn techniques to keep you pain-free.
Why 3-Month or 12-Month Memberships?
It’s unreasonable for trainers to offer 10 or 12 session packages when we all know there’s no physiological reason behind it. Even more perplexing is that, when asked how long it takes to get readily visual results (as in friends and co-workers all noticing positive changes in your body), most trainers say, “8 to 12 weeks.” The bottom line is that what you’re really looking for is results – results you and everyone else can see – and that takes time, not some magic number of sessions. With your compliance, of course, at the end of 3 months, you WILL get results everyone will notice.
Suppose I have to miss a session?
We will do our best to accommodate you within that calendar week by putting you into another time slot. We also offer online workouts and tracking through our partners at FitSync™ so you never have to miss a workout.
Wait, what about sick days and vacations?
Keep in mind there are already several FREE DAYS in your 3-month or 12-month package! For example, when you enroll in our Double Platinum Membership (two sessions per week for 12 months), you get 104 sessions (2 days a week x 52 weeks in a year) yet you’re paying for only 96 of them (8 sessions a month x 12 months). You’re getting 8 sessions (a FULL month’s worth) FREE! Enroll in our Double Gold Membership (two sessions per week for 3 months), you get at least 26 sessions (depending on your workout days of the week and the 3-month period in question), yet you’re paying for only 24 of them (8 sessions a month x 3 months). That’s a FULL week FREE! In many cases, we can put you in a different time slot that’s convenient to you and doesn’t take away from your fellow members.
Are there any incentives for referring clients to you?
Yes! Simply refer one client who invests in any 12-month program, and you get two months FREE. Refer four new clients who invest in any 12-month program, and you get a FULL YEAR FREE.
When can I expect to see or feel results?
Because we use the FMS and MSA to select the exercises that you need, you’ll feel a difference right away.
Should I be exercising the days I am not training with you?

That depends on your current fitness level and your membership with us. Many members find that two sessions with us per week and an active lifestyle are all they need to reach their fitness goals.

Do you offer nutritional counseling or support?

Yes. I’m a Certified Nutrition Coach (since 2010) through Precision Nutrition, the industry’s largest and most respected certification agency.

Should I be taking any supplements?

Nearly everyone should be taking a krill oil supplement. Krill oil, even more than regular fish oil, helps you burn fat by:

  • Turning on lipolytic (fat burning) genes.
  • Turning off lipogenic (fat storage) genes.
  • Enhancing the production of leptin, an appetite hormone that reduces hunger and increases your metabolic rate.
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity. The better you control your insulin levels, the more fat you’ll lose.
  • Increasing fat-free muscle mass to keep you “toned.”
    Keeping your cell membranes flexible and more responsive to circulating insulin. This decreases fat storage in fat cells.
  • Controlling your insulin response. When your blood sugar rises less quickly, you’re less likely to store sugar as fat.
Will my training sessions consist of the same exercises every time?

No. We use a system we call Undulating Periodization with an A/B Split. You can find out more in my chapter in the Amazon best-seller, The Fad-Free Fitness Formula.

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

I been in the industry for over 30 years and was named “Personal Trainer of the Year” by the American Council on Exercise, “Expert of the Year” by, and “One of America’s Greatest Trainers” by the editors of Men’s Fitness. My fitness and nutrition advice has been featured on the covers of Shape, Women’s Health, Woman’s Day, Runner’s World, and HerSports.

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