What’s “Reasonable” Progress for Losing Weight?

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Stephen Holt

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It’s just about that time of year again.

The time the vast majority of people start reneging on their “New Year/New You” hopes.

The number one reason people don’t hit their Resolution Goals (or any other fitness goal, for that matter) is that they start off with unrealistic expectations.

If you’re not on pace to reach your goals, don’t give up. 

Reset. Realistically. 

Here are realistic rates for body comp/weight loss:

Extreme Progress
(think weight-class athlete or pre-photo shoot)
1-1.5% body weight or ~1.65-2.5 lb per week

(think pre-vacation, reunion, or some other superficial reason where you think it’s important to look better than your “friends” who you never really liked that much anyway, right?)
0.5-1% body weight or ~0.8-1.65 lb per week

(i.e., healthy and easily sustainable)
<0.5% body weight or ~<0.8 lb per week

Keep those numbers in mind when you’re setting goals or gauging your progress, and you’ll be far more successful. Need help?


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