Stay Fit Even When You’re Away from Timonium


Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

Millions of readers of national fitness magazines including Shape, Women's Health, Fitness. Woman's Day, Family Circle, Runner's World, (and many others) have made their exercise programs both more effective AND more efficient with fitness and nutrition advice from "America's Baby Boomer Expert," Stephen Holt.

Even though we all love it here in Lutherville-Timonium MD, it’s nice to get to visit other places too. Here’s how you can stay fit and healthy over your vacation:

  • Make sure you’re well hydrated and eat plenty of protein
  • Get in as much walking as you can
  • Find a partner who is also on vacation so you have someone to work out with or at least keep each other accountable
  • Eat what you want (of course – you’re a grown up), but always keep your long-term goals in mind
  • Get enough sleep. You may have to go out of your way to make sure your room is dark enough, cool enough and quiet enough.
  • Have fun during your time off from fitness!
  • Remember. a little exercise is far better than none at all.
  • Don’t fret about gaining a little weight over vacation. Make a plan right now to get right back on the wagon. Get started at


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