Yes, you should be taking a probiotic supplement. Here’s why …

Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

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Real quick note about probiotic supplements …
(I know you have to prepare for the big Duke victory party tonight)

Heather just asked me,

“Do I really need probiotics?”

Yes. I highly recommend you “take” probiotics of some sort.

As I mentioned last week, you’ll do best with a combo of
– fermented foods
– probiotic supplements (to make sure you’re getting enough of certain species), and
– more prebiotic foods in your diet.

Here’s why …

There have been several studies in which some bacteria from the guts of of lean mice were transferred into fat mice …

And the fat mice lost weight.

So, yes, probiotics can help you look better (and even make you happier – more on that in a future issue).

If you want to dig a little deeper, read this article from Dr. Chris Kresser:
A Healthy Gut Is the Hidden Key to Weight Loss


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