Obviously February is month number 2, but it might be #1 in feelings of disappointment.

How many times have you felt by this point that you’re whole new year was going to be a failure.

That – since you already had dropped a resolution or even forgot to make one – you were doomed to have another year of unmet healthy living aspirations?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can still have your fittest year yet. You just have to get your mind right.

[I do a great Strother Martin from Cool Hand Luke impersonation, btw. :-) ]

Now is the perfect time to start. Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow isn’t promised – so focus on what you can do today to make better choices and take the right actions.

Make a plan and tell one or two other people about it. Accountability is a powerful motivator.

Focus on a process you’ll enjoy, not specifically the goals themselves.

Make a list of why you want to be fit – as long or as short a list as you like – and keep it handy for those times when you’re discouraged.

Look at the future as endless opportunities to live a better life, not a litany of chores and resolutions.
Fitness is a lifestyle, not a resolution.

It’s a commitment to yourself, and that shouldn’t change because of the calendar.

Need help? Just let me know.
– Stephen