At-Home Core Training Exercise – Banana

Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

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The “Banana” is a simple core training exercise anyone can do at home.

It fits in the “Core f/t” section in our 3-4-5 Total Body Fitness System. It works your true core (abs AND hips) in the frontal plane. It also works your Lateral Muscle Sling System and Deep Longitudinal Muscle Sling System.

Here’s How You Do It

It’s almost as simple as it looks.

Find a wall. Stand sideways fairly close to it. Even too close. Your first couple of reps should feel easy. In fact, your first couple of reps don’t even count.

Raise your inside foot 1 millimeter off the floor. Translation: “a teeny bit.” My girls’ s dance teachers like to say, “sheet of paper” for the distance between your inside foot and the floor.

Now reach toward the wall with your outside arm keeping your arm in line with your ears.


The key is to lean directly to the side – no twisting. Stand just far enough away from the wall so that you feel challenged. Too easy simple means you’re too close. This exercise is a hard as you choose to make it.

It’s okay (well — preferred) to tap your inside foot down in between reps. Everyone likes to show off by standing on one foot as long as possible. Resist this temptation. Everyone (yes, again) loses their focus and their form by staying on one leg too long. Tap down, regain your balance and focus, THEN bend toward the wall.


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