1-Arm Horizontal Row

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Stephen Holt, Timonium personal trainer

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The 1-Arm Horizontal Row obviously fits into our 1-Arm Pull in our Strength Training Matrix.


Grab the handle of the cable machine and take a large step backward. Sit into your stride stance position. If you’re pulling with your right hand, your right leg should be behind you – right heel up, right knee bent slightly, and right hip slightly extended.

Keep your palm down throughout the exercise. Ideally, your elbow should be in the same horizontal plane (hence the “horizontal” in the name of the exercise),


It’s much more important to keep your shoulder down. Many women over 40 tend to have overactive upper traps and levator scapulae and underactive lower traps. All that fancy talk just means you have a tendency to let your shoulders drift upward as you pull.

Again, keeping your elbow up is nice, but keeping your shoulder down is crucial.

As you pull with your right arm, reach forward with your left. This helps with your thoracic mobility which will help keep both shoulders healthy.


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