I’m a lot like you …

My spouse works a ton of hours, so I get to do the daytime errands.

In a typical week, I drive my girls to 11 dance classes in addition to high school and middle school pick up, saxophone lessons, dentist/orthodontist/physician/vet appointments, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, owning a gym does not equal marathon workouts in the gym.

In fact, because I’m too “thrifty” to turn on the heat or a/c during off-hours at the gym, I prefer to work out at home.

But after my 1st eye surgery, I was too intimidated (I imagined my eye exploding) to do much of anything for the first couple of weeks.

And I felt horrible! No way would I ever go two whole weeks without exercise.

After my 3rd eye surgery, I was determined to do the opposite. I tried an experiment to see how many days I could exercise.

Day after day, I’d ask myself: “Am I really too busy to exercise?”

Take a look at this sample month:

Each block where you see a red icon is a day I exercised – typically for 25-35 minutes.

(No, I didn’t lift weights for 1:44.09 on Wed, the 27th, for example There were a couple of times I forgot to turn off my fancy watch. :-)

In fact, I managed to find time for exercise EVERY DAY I was not on vacation (I certainly hiked and walked but didn’t record it) or convalescing from eye surgeries.

That includes two streaks of close to 4 months each where I didn’t miss a single day!

I’ll spare you the “we all have the same 24 hours in a day” line, but I’m not special (at least not in that way :-)

I’m sure you too you can manage to find at least a couple of days a week to move a little more.

If you need help with a plan, let me know.
– Stephen